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 Art Teacher Present 

Hey there, my name is Gabriella. 
I grew up in Santa Cruz California where my love for outdoor adventures with hours of painting under the sun came to be. Art has always been the friend that challenges me in all ways. Art is where I can explore, make mistakes, and where I can be honest and genuine with myself and my work. 
I found myself in Aptos’s very own Blue Apple Studios when I was eight years old and I have been creating ever since. I received an education at UC Berkeley with a BFA in Art Practice in 2018. I've had the honor of teaching children creative expression since I was a teenager and into my adult life. These experiences have ranged from studios just like Blue Apple to more formal learning approaches like the Reggio philosophy. I love being able to teach and learn from others, adding and enriching my own practice as a visual artist. My dream is to have a place where little ones can grow in all ways, in their art, self and voices.

Mon Ami Art Studios, as found in the name, this studio is friendly to all. The growing young artists and the more experienced can find an environment where celebrating one’s own creativity is the priority and will be nurtured. 


For the younger artists, creating a foundation of play and a more exploratory approach to creativity is supported, each at their own pace and their developmental stage. We revisit art mediums and concepts that will enhance the enjoyment in making art and its process. When applied and encouraged, students will find pride and challenges at every stage of their work. 


Most of our classes are 1 hour long for 6-8 weeks, no more than a few students in each class. This allows more one-on-one time from the art teacher. Classes are often held outside when the weather is nice and if the art project is suitable. Children are expected to wear masks at this time. The age breakdown: 4-7, 8-13 & 14-17. 


This is also a place for adults to revisit  their creative selves or to start their journeys in an environment that will continue to nurture the process of artmaking. We work to dismantle our tendencies to criticize our own art and learn to embrace the process, to be observant of what we can gain from each stage and learn about ourselves. Making art can be healing, meditative, emotional, involved and cathartic. Mon Ami Art Studios invites all to share in this space and please consider this studio and reach out if you have any questions! 

Private Art Class

Private Art Class

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