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 Art Teacher Present 

Hello, I'm Gabriella.

I grew up surrounded by the sunshine of Santa Cruz, California, where my love for painting outdoors began. Art has been my companion, offering a canvas for authenticity and personal growth.

My journey started at Blue Apple Studios in Aptos when I was eight, setting me on a path of continuous creative exploration. In 2018, I earned my BFA in Art Practice from UC Berkeley. Teaching children the joy of creative expression has been a heartfelt mission, drawing from various approaches, from studios like Blue Apple to the nurturing philosophy of Reggio.

My dream is to create a sanctuary at Mon Ami Art Studios where children can blossom in art, self-discovery, and finding their voices.

True to its name, Mon Ami Art Studios warmly welcomes everyone. It's a place where budding and experienced artists alike discover an environment that cherishes and nurtures their creativity.

For our younger artists, we focus on building a foundation of play and exploration, each at their own delightful pace and unique developmental stage. Revisiting art mediums and concepts adds joy to the creative process, allowing for pride and overcoming challenges at every stage.

Our intentionally small classes, lasting 1 hour for 6-8 weeks, foster ample one-on-one time.

Mon Ami Art Studios extends beyond children; it's a nurturing space for adults to rediscover their creative selves. Here, we work on shedding self-criticism and embracing the art-making process as a healing, meditative, and cathartic journey.

Feel free to explore this radiant space, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out! 🌈💙

Private Art Class

Private Art Class

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